polepole ndiyo mwendo

April 30, 2007, 1:46 pm
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okay, here is a tad bit of a rant, so pardon me.

is there one word that just drives you nuts? and its not the word itself, but the way people spell it. well i have one. and its

“KOOL”, or even worse. . . “KEWL”.

i dont understand it, i dont see the point. you may ask, “why, leah? why does this bug you so much?” well, i have an answer. Because, first of all when i see this i think of 7th grade girls talking on AIM. its acceptable for them. but once you pass that point in life, its done. over. fin.

to type “kool” and “cool”, and even the horrid “kewl”, you are hitting the same amount of keys on your keyboard, its not a shortcut. if it were, it might make a little more sense. and sure the ‘k’ is closer to the ‘o’ and ‘l’ keys, but if thats why then that just sad.

i know jp is going to gonna hate on me because im uptight about spelling, but i cant help it. it drives me crazy. if you were to type say. . . idk instead of i dont know. at least that makes sense, its comprehendable because, well ITS SHORTER. forgive me, please if i’ve offended any “kool” kids, but there must be some out there with me who feel this pain, who are extremely vexed by such silliness?!

if you are a sayer of “kool”, please shed some light on me. why, oh why? is there ANY explanation?

and im. . . spent.


you dont say?!
April 25, 2007, 1:39 pm
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“The moment the organic unity of belief and behavior is damaged in any way, we are incapable of living out the full humanity for which we were created.”
– intro to Ephesians in the Message

welcome to louisiana
April 24, 2007, 3:18 am
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gotta love it.

tomato and mayo?!
April 20, 2007, 2:06 pm
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Recently my friends and i have started a new movie night once a week. we’ve watched flushed away, invisible children, and blood diamond. So, naturally i thought i would suggest a top-notch academy award-winning drama. . .Harriet the Spy.

Now, when i was little i absolutely LOVED this movie. I ate tomato & mayo sandwiches for a long time because of this movie. i got a journal and would lay behind my bushes in my front yard journaling what all my neighbors were doing because of this movie. it INSPIRED me, let me know that grungy 8 year olds can be spies, you dont have to be a highly trained CIA agent. it gave me hope! haha

well, needless to say i got shot DOWN for suggesting this movie. nobody seems to understand my appreciation for great cinema. PLUS, how can you reject a movie that came as an ORANGE vhs tape?!

next up. . . .

maybe i’ll have better luck with this one? two guys working in a fast food restaraunt/ saving it. does it get much better? i think not.


blinded by the bling?
April 13, 2007, 2:56 pm
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So. right now in Refuge we are in a series called bling. im really pumped about it. In this generation we are so focused on ourselves, materials, and money. We are raised being told that we have to make a certain amount of money, drive a particular car, wear certain clothes, and try to get as far ahead as we can. We make it so much about ourselves. We forget to look at the big picture of life. At the mandate that God called us to. To reach out to those who are hurting, who are oppressed, hungry.

[im not making that up. check it out:
“Is it not to share your food with the hungry
and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter
when you see the naked, to clothe him,
and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?”
Isaiah 58:7 ]

AND. . .There are people EVERYWHERE, not just in Africa, Sri Lanka, Peru and third world countries that are oppressed and in pain.

check out Jason’s blog. he gets it. im so excited to see our church really step up to the plate with the injustice in our back yard.

so often i get so focused on myself i forget how blessed i am. and the only reason God has blessed me the way He has is to equip me to in turn use those blessings to glorify Him. ouch. i forget that way too much.

So, even though Magic Juan in the picture is really fly, hes really retarded too. the jewlery he’s wearing (if its real) could feed 34458430958 people. for real. and his glasses are extremely ugly.

DISplace ME
April 10, 2007, 1:28 pm
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Tori sent me an email last night with a this link.

Invisible Children is putting this event on to raise awareness and try to rally up enough support to help foster peace talks and put an end to the devestating war in Uganda.

SO, in order to give people an oppurtunity to raise up, they are hosting a nation-wide event called DISplace ME. for 24 hours people will sleep outside and act as though they are displaced peoples.
New Orleans is one of the host cities, and its on April 28th.

so. . .what i propose is a bunch of us head down there and experience some of the injustice we are seeking to end.

its a chance to stand up and stand out.
possibly change this world. . .

check out the website. let me know what you think?!

mi madre
April 8, 2007, 5:33 pm
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i just thought i would let everybody know that i have the most awesome MOM on the planet, shes pretty much incredible.

Just last week she was honored as one of the most distinguished sales people in the big BR, a title which she definitely deserves.
she works so hard at 225, and is such a wonderful mom at the same time. shes my best friend, and i just really love her.
She is such an encouragement to those around her in the workplace, and is really making an impact in this community. plus, shes a huge fruitcake.

so, next time you see her make sure and give her a big congrats.

(hope that wasnt TOO terribly wordy. . . JP)