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in a dry and weary land where there is no water. . .
June 22, 2007, 3:10 pm
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. . . get submerged?
so, SUBMERGE is coming up realllll soon. in fact the first group of people left this morning. Im heading out Sunday with pathfinders, which is going to be awesome! i get a chance to hang out with some snazzy 6th grade girls for a few days, and then refuge is heading down wedesday and OF COURSE i’ll be staying for that too. Im really pumped about camp this year- i know its going to be good. it always is. But what is so amazing to me is to see how much its GROWN.

My first Refuge camp was in 2003 to LA College in Pineville with Jason Upton. That was when i started to become comfortable with church, i think it was the first time i lifted my hands during worship. i begin to understand God on a level seperate from the religion i had been raised in. It was amazing. Camp is such a defining moment in peoples’ lives. Who knows where i would be now if my parents hadn’t forced me on that bus, my mom made me talk to lauren best, and then they forced me to refuge every wednesday. how crazy is that? And to see how each year the camp has grown bigger and bigger- to the point where this year we have over 1000 kids registered?! WHOA. i love it.

I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite people in the world –>tori. She is amazing and always willing to serve and has helped me SO much with getting things together for Deal or No Deal(more on that post-camp). She hops in my car and runs errands with me, and keeps me in check while placing stickers on lunch boxes. could i ask for a better friend? i think not.

This is for you Tori. . . .

and, yes. she is just THAT popular. dodging paparazzi.

catch ya in a week after my face is rocked off by the Holy Ghost. everybody who’s anybody is gonna be there- WAHHHHHH!


itsy bitsy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot. . . burkini?
June 12, 2007, 8:30 pm
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thats right. . . a burkini
the opposite of a bikini.

i propose this be the new dress code for all the girls at camp. that way nobody has to worry about all the ladies trying to see how far and how much skin they can show. this is much better than my turtlenecks and blue jeans idea.

it was desgined by a muslim designer to accomidate muslim ladies who want to go swimming, but stick to their dress code. So im guessing its the same material as a bathing suit, of course a lot less clingy, and even covers your head!
how inventive.

the blogging blues
June 12, 2007, 2:39 pm
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so life is crazy and i dont blog.

its funny because you think, oh yay! summerrrrrrr, ill have so much more time since im not in school and its all going to be grand. but, that really never happens anymore. instead its, oh summmerrrrrrr! now i get to be 40xs busier. i’ve been working alot more, enthralled, 6,052 refuge meetings of all sorts spread out here and there, Refuge, getting ready for summer camp (which im going for the whole week, so im excited about that), getting ready for LA which now means prayer @ 6am, AND THENET. the first NET party is this saturday.
Sooooo, its been alot- and will continue to be so until maybe august? haha. no it’ll calm down. but i love it. i couldn’t ask for better people to serve alongside in Refuge, they pretty much rock my face off.

-Elizabeth is now coming to Submerge?!?!?! i have no idea why she wants to, but i know God is going to do a work. for those of you who don’t know- my sister moved with my dad to Wyoming is now she says she doesnt believe in God. hmmmm, yeah right. okay. but shes coming to a in-your-face-slammeddown-with-the-Holy-Ghost Fest like no other by choice. yeah, okay elizabeth. atheist my butt.

– im pumped about LA, too. finances aren’t done yet, but its all good in the hood- i know ill get it. the money is due tomorrow and i sent out me letterrrrrssssss. . . yesterday. ahhhhh i know. i wasn’t planning on sending any out this year, but i realized i need to, not only because i hadn’t raised any money but because not everybody can go physically, but if they are given a chance to give financially, that is their part in missions and its my responsibility to give people that oppurtunity. Plus i read Ezra 1:5 that said some people are called to go and build the temple of God and some are called to stay and support them, to “Their neighbors rallied behind them enthusiastically”
i dont know, i liked it.

well thats incredibly wordy. but thats whats up.
and i can’t post a post without a picture so i shall leave you with this-