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travel size
July 16, 2007, 2:18 pm
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I love to travel. i love getting ready for trips, that kind of high-energy exciement the day before, getting everything together and packing. Im a pretty organized person and its no different when i pack. i make stacks of everything, sorting it all. it all has to be folded and in its due place in the suitcase i also have a pretty bad overpacking problem. i am a incredibly indecisive person and so when i pack i feel like i need a TON of options of clothes because i wont know what i will FEEL like wearing that day. make sense? well, im working on that.

But, one of my favorite thing about traveling is TRAVEL SIZED bottles.

they are so handy and fun. target has a really amazing selection of travel sized goods, you should check it out. Alberstons’s is lacking a little in that department. But i go a little nuts for my travel sized. We just got a bunch of travel sized products in at the hair salon i work at and i went ahead and bought travel sized conditioner and straightening balm, even though i didnt REALLY need it. but it was way too cute NOT to get.

ALL of this just to say the LA team and i are heading out this afternoon, travel sized goods in hand, to rock cali and learn a million trillion things about life and God.
PLEASE keep us in your prayers, for safety and that we would just encounter Jesus on those streets and we would get a chance to change some lives, including our own.


a 4 letter word for pear variety
July 6, 2007, 5:47 pm
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camp was glorious.

deal or no deal went grand. a lucky girl actually won $1,000. um crazy much?

4th was fun.

LA is in 9 days.

whoa, summer is speeding by.

like. . . a racecar?

and if you can tell me the answer to my title line- you get $10, or maybe just a pat on the back.