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my fav five
August 30, 2007, 1:35 pm
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if you know me, then its very likely you know that i pretty much want to travel everywhere. i just really love cultures and people, and want to see as much of this world as i possibly can. But, of course i have my favorites, my places i just can’t wait to go and experience. So, i decided to compile a list of my top 5 places to go, my Fav5.

Here it is (not necessarily in a specific order)

duh. this one is a no-brainer. Since i started to learn Swahili last year, I just really want to go, learning about their culture and language in class has given me a passion to go and meet and be with the people. I want to see the landscape, the ocean, the island of Zanzibar, Mount Kiliminjaro. ahhh! can’t wait.

#2- GREECE (& Cyprus)
To me, this just looks like the most beautiful place ever. There is so much history there, so much to see and learn. Its my number one “want to vacation here” spot. so, if you ever want to be my friend and have a ticket to Greece. . .call me up.

Wooooo. i love Indian people. a.whole.lot.
I love their accents, their clothes, plus their food is amazing. Spiritually, its a very different country. I would love to do mission work there, just reaching out to the oppressed people. It definitely seems like one of the harder places to reach out to. They have so many people that need a just need to be shown love and compassion, a hand to reach out to them when they are in need. Oh, yes indeed. in a heartbeat.

OF COURSE i want to go here. This is where it all started. and i LOVE me some jewish people.(i guess because im related to a whole bunch) The amount of rich history there, especially pertaining to the Bible, intrigues me. I find something so beautiful about the Jewish culture and traditions.

i don’t really have a justified reason to WHY i want to go here, i just do. the Himalayas, a lot of yaks, and cool nomads like this:
just seems like a interesting country.

There it is. that’s my list.
so. . . does that sound appealing to anybody, could i find a travel buddy?!

[what places are in your fav5?]


mi gusta some stately oaks and broad magnolias
August 27, 2007, 3:38 am
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tomorrow i return to dear old LSU. its been a really amazing summer. i think i grew alot, learned a good bit. I got to go to Los Angeles, summer camp, the beach with the fam, camping in the Bighorn mountains, New Orleans a bunch, and hang out with my pretty splendid friends quite a bit. I savor the relationships i gained and grew in this summer. I have to. But, lately a lot has changed. People have moved or things are different.
I feel like im on the edge of something new with God. He has something fresh and big in store for me this year. It might require some growth pains, but im ready and willing. I don’t deal well with change, but i acknowledge its part of life and growth.

Im ready for this next year and everything He has in store. I want to grow so deep and close in my relationship with Him, that im solely dependent upon Him. So, no matter where He calls me, I’ll be ready. (thats a whole other post. . .study abroad?)

Tomorrow i’ll roll up in the halls of LSU, and i pray that this year God would equip me with a boldness to reach out to those around me. To have a heart burdened for the students and compassion to take action.

Im excited about school, my schedule is pretty dandy. Notice the superb LACK OF MATH and science. yes, im done with math forever and ever. LET US DANCE.

SO, here it is-
English 2270- American Lit.
Swahili 2003- . . .Swahili
Geography 2050- atmospheric geography. i have no idea what this entails. but it counts as a science
Theater 1020- pshh not an acting class. just art credit.
History 1007- world history. . .apparently its kind of boring. But its the last pre-req i have before i get to start taking my Intl Studies classes, so im pretty pumped.

not bad. WIth that and Elevate i should keep pretty busy. I can see a nice load of reading in my future, which i tend to procrastinate. ouch.
To all you other “tigers” (I hate refering to students by their mascot) good luck tomorrow.

let the games begin!

This is REALLY weird.
August 24, 2007, 1:19 pm
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– I remember this book from a book fair when i was in elementary school. It freaked me out then. and still does.
SO, lets examine.
• first, look at the title. yes, Leah’s Pony. Leah isn’t the most common name around, and i used to be obsessed with horses. so when i first saw this book i thought it was pretty nifty.
• THEN, i saw the author line. Elizabeth Friedrich. My sister’s name. . .Elizabeth and if you add a ‘s’ to Friedrich. . .you get Friedrichs.

uhh, strange much?
i never bought the book. i wonder what its about. I guess the title is pretty self-explanitory. but, my birthday is coming up. . . so if you’re looking for a gift idea, here is a freebie. whoop whoop.

so. strangest coincidence ever, or can you beat that?!

WHY oming?!
August 17, 2007, 2:57 am
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tomorrow i head out for the de-light-ful state of WYOMING. wahoooo, party all the time. the land of . . . wide open spaces, dry skin, coal, and COWS. could i ask for anything more? i think not.
I DO get to see my dad and sister, so that makes it all well worth it. Even though i am missing the Elevate retreat.

But since i was about to leave, i thought i would just share with you all the lack of humanity in this place. seriously. look at this lovely population density map. if you know how to read that sucker, then you will know that its just a very. . . personal? place to go. and in the city where my dad lives, well . . . they have a starbucks, which is a pretty big deal. and a k-mart. yeah, its poppin

at least i get to go camping, which is something i’ve really been wanting to do for quite some time but it has been unbearably HOT here. so i guess ill just rub it in your face that IM GOING TO NEED A JACKET. yes, long sleeves.

Im bummed about missing the elevate retreat, but i will survive with my chilly nights and tent. ill be happy as a clam.

I’d be safe and warm. . . if i was in L.A.
August 1, 2007, 2:53 pm
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i apologize for the lack of blogs. i couldn’t blog in L.A. because im not Josh and i don’t have a phone i can update from, i guess i live in the stone age.

anywhoooo. . .Los Angeles. wow, what a trip. It was just splendid, with the best group of people you could ever want to go and serve with. We had TWENTY SIX people, and the heart and attitude of everybody AMAZED me. blew me away. everyone had such a servant’s heart and was so willing to do whatever was asked of them. wether it was t-barry cleaning some nasty pooooo out of a hole in the streets, or Sarah, Faith, and Phillip Kelly unloading and bagging food in a hot truck to hand out to people on the streets, to Tyler and Josh just serving it up talking to homeless people and praying for them. This team was amazing. When you took a look at our team and then the other churches that were there, you knew our heart. You could see that this wasn’t our first rodeo, that we were accustomed to serving it up and came from a church that has a heartbeat for the hurting.

Before we left, we had prayer every morning at 6 for a month our from the trip. First of all, can i tell you how amazing it is that a a bunch of high school kids are willing to sacrifice their sleep for a month of their summer to go and pray and prepare to go and serve, We have the most amazing youth group. no lie.
Anyway, I could just really see the prayers of unity and safety working while we were there. There was no fighting and barely any complaning. Not even with 6 girls in a tiny old hospital room with bunk beds, a sheet and a pillow, annnddd NO AC. yeah, Glory has to go to God. Instead of complaining about some of the small things, we saw it as a chance to grow.
Not to mention, we got to spend a day at the Santa Monica Pier and the beach, and a little shopping. Got to drive down Rodeo drive, Some of our people met Hannah Montana, and see some of the highlights of the city.

great trip, here are some pictures. . .

lauren and I on the roof of the dream center.

man sleeping on the santa monica beach

sarah spitting some spanish to a man to invite him to church and get a free meal

this woman was just sleeping in the park we were walking in

– We did a lemonade outreach, just like our good old water outreaches. this was one of my favorites, felt like home. Paul held up this sign and counted how many honnks we got throughout the outreach

yeahyaaaa, >4

This is Sir William. we met him while walking down Hollywood Blvd. and got to talk to him for awhile. i love hearing people’s life stories. even got to hook him up with some yogurt and a hot dog.

Basically, i thought i would let everybody know that HPC was well represented by this group of crazy young people who are obsessed with Jesus.
I learned so much about ministry and life. i would go back in a heartbeat

BUT the big question is. . . where to next?