polepole ndiyo mwendo

lets go for a ride. . .
November 21, 2007, 6:33 pm
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oh wait.

i was walking to class today and stumbled upon quite a sight, this bike was definitely up in a tree outside Lockett Hall. . .
maybe they decided this was a better option than using the handy bike-racks. or maybe. . .

i dont know. i cant think of anything else.
just thought i’d share.


November 15, 2007, 4:22 pm
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just thought I’d let everyone know that if you are looking for me this summer. . .you might have a travel a little far. you know, just right over there in. . . TANZANIA. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to be exact

yup. that is right, my friends. it is looking like i shall be spending my summer right here:


as many of you know, i go to LSU. duh. and i study swahili as my language. Well LSU has a study abroad program to theUniversity of Dar Es Salaam where i will be able to go and spend 6 weeks- finishing my last level of swahili and then taking an International Studies course focused on swahili culture and such. I’ll be able to get 8 hours credit, so its a pretty nifty deal. PLUS. . .ill be THERE learning the language WITH THE PEOPLE. oh my dreams.
We spend 2 weeks in a resort on the coast- beach on the Indian Ocean. indeed.
then, 4 weeks in a HOST FAMILY. ahhh, living with PEOPLE. SWAHILI PEOPLE.
like this guy:
(my friend who went last summer took this picture. im pretty sure this snazzy old man and i could be friends)

im so pumped about this, its hard to contain myself.
its not definite yet. i have a hard time talking about things that aren’t definite because im scared that if it doesnt work out then i look silly. But i truely believe that this is what God has for me this summer. Its the oppurtunity of a lifetime and i dont want to pass it up.

Now, just need to figure out delightful financial details, which is pretty much the major thing.
my parents are accepting it. its all good. i plan on spendng alot more time than this overseas, so they should probably just go ahead and get used to it.

well, thats my current adventure. if you think about it, please just pray that God would guide me and open up doors financially if this is His will!

it really doesnt get any better

going up?
November 12, 2007, 5:47 pm
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a cute little house that Tori and I saw at the Saint Joseph’s Abbey in Covington. i really like the porch.

thats all.

fully committed.
November 8, 2007, 5:23 pm
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Alyssa Williams, faithful to the end

this, my friends, is what i call dedication.
Alyssa is pretty much amazing and a ginormo help all the time. Well, every week Alyssa makes lemonade. . .or kool aid before Refuge to serve.
This week we had blue kool aid.
Alyssa coudnt find a spoon.
the answer is: NOPE.
that girl plunged her hand (after being washed) into that pitcher and got the job done, and now has a smurf hand because of her dedication!

so, here’s to you Alyssa, thanks for all you do

my worst nightmare
November 7, 2007, 6:41 pm
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join in on the soccer fun?!. . . no thanks
i have this really large fear of having kids and becoming a soccer mom. people make fun of me, but i cant help it. i shall avoid mini vans, soccer uniforms, grass stains, and tide-to-go at all costs!


November 5, 2007, 4:08 pm
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i would dare say, yes sir. indeed we can.

it’s beginning to look alot like. . .Christmas?
November 4, 2007, 2:38 am
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its pretty insane that Christmas has already begun.
November 1st – Christmas music on 103.3 begins NONSTOP until December 26th, Halloween candy was rotated out for Christmas candy, and TV and radio ads are all Christmas-geared. its ridiculous

Is it just me or has Christmas begun freakishly EARLY this year? usually all of that jazz really kicks off the day after Thanksgiving. . . but i guess big corporations just really want to cash in on the birth of Christ.

TIA- this is america. gotta love it.

lacey and i were at Wal Mart and saw these delightful Christmas decorations set-up. . . really got me to pondering on this conundrum of this early Christmas. . . but i must admit, Santa is wearing some snazzy shades

I LOVE CHRISTMAS, but i just feel like this is REALLY early. its so much more exciting when you turn on the radio the day after Thanksgiving and hear your favorite holiday tune. now its just going to get old.

but hey, go ahead. drink a glass of eggnog and get ready for the season. its going to be a long one!