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February 29, 2008, 3:13 pm
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I just have to write this little post in honor of my friend, Matthew LaBorde. What a servant of the Lord, he never wants to get caught in a sticky situation, so to avoid that he wears a bracelet to remind Him at all times the actions of Christ. . .

yep. thats right. Matt STILL rocks that WWJD bracelet. haaa
i guess at least its not lime green or rainbow?
I know most of us wore it at one time, but does anybody else still cherish those delightful reminders of the Lord?!
I just couldn’t help it. that was too perfect.


February 28, 2008, 8:35 pm
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let me just start by saying that seriously, God has completely blown me away lately. in so many ways, and it has just left me speechless. i know i wrote awhile back that i was probably going to Tanzania this summer.
well it is definite, I am. and i was so worried about finances and just logistics, but God. . . is God.
DAILY He is giving me signs just affirming to me that I am walking in His will, He has everything under control, and it is all by his strength.
I feel like I am walking out Romans 8:28 each day!
One thing was i have been worried about my scholarship application to get money from LSU to go, and didn’t know which professors to ask for my reccomendation. I decide to go ahead and ask my English teacher since I wrote a paper about missions in that class and she knows my goals. As soon as I ask her, not only is she more than happy to do it, but she also starts telling me how she supports missionaries and has sister-in-law in Russia. ahh, total God moment.
That was grand, then i go to my first Tanzania meeting with the group I wil be going with. I have been so worried about not having any people I know going and wondering if there will be any Christians that I can relate to, right?
So i pull out my Elevate folder to get something out and this girl sitting next to me said, “Hey, are you in that?! that is so weird because I’ve been really praying about maybe doing that!” SAY WHAT?! So i am going to Tanzania with a girl who wants to do Elevate. yesss, God amazes me.
Here is the cherry on top. When i told my Dad’s mother I was going she was basically like, Leah that is a terrible idea. you are going to die because the entire continent is dangerous and I really hope you change your mind. i responded with, well it is a passion in my heart and I don’t really think you can just change those! Which was refuted with, “Yes you can!” So, obviously stubborn and set against me going.
catch this.
She called me the other day and I just called her back. When she answers the phone she says, “Well, Leah, I’ve been thinking about it and if I were your age I would be doing the same thing. I’ve decided I want to give you money for your trip, how much do you need?” WHAAAATTTT
basically my grandmother who was 100% against me going wants to pay a large portion of my trip. insane in the membrane.
oh my Lord, see what I’m saying? its continual. Hitting me left and right. it just hit me that God is more faithful than i EVER give Him credit for.
He is standing outside of my comfort zone just waiting for me to step out of it and walk in His will so He can get His work done. All i have to do is step out, like Peter in the boat, and walk towards Him. He has it ALL under control.
wahhh. im speechless.

little miss andry
February 26, 2008, 8:44 pm
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ha! this is my lovely friend, Sarah Andry. she is quite a doll, and i like her alot.
if you ever want to smile, just make her laught really hard cause she makes a hilarious face when she laughs hard.
She is kind of in love with Jesus, and Baptist, which means she is always up for a good church bulletin or Bible memory game. she loves games.
One day she shall be called Dr.Head (I think). that will be a good day- I’ll probably laught alot.
She loves the country of Romania, continent of Africa, girls in high school, work out videos from the 90s, homeless, the book of Romans, hurting people (not hurting them. helpng people who are hurting. . .you know), adoption, cooking even though she doesnt, and pretending like she eats healthy even when she doesnt.
im a pretty big fan of her- just thought i’d share

la vie
February 25, 2008, 5:32 pm
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here are a few photos of whats been haddening lately. . .

• the delightful Tori Ohlerking on a little stroll downtown to visit mi madre a few weeks ago.

• one of our friends from Thursday morning homeless breakfast rocking his mittens sarah gave him. she brought a whole bag of gloves and mittens she bought a few weeks ago when it was really cold and everybody was so pumped. This guy loves his new sassy pink mittens

• (Here is your picture, Lydia!) this, ladies and gentlemen, is miss Lydia Gomez. probably one of the most hilarious people you’ll meet. here she is de-thorning roses for all of the Valentine’s Day outreaches we did. What a servant, im pretty sure she won that award in Elevate one month?. . .yeah she is that hardcore.

Who ya gonna call?

and here are some pictures from this weekend at amplified:

• basically, we represent the ghetto across the world. about to crank that Holy Ghost. you know

• some of the amazing girls in my house and i went downtown after the outreach Saturday and got some ice cream and sat on the levee to just relax.

• rocking their serve shirts while just sitting and talking on the levee. It was such a great day outside

• This is one super snazzy girl, Micki Firmin at Dalton Elementary where we did our outreach. this incredibly creepy guy was in their main hallway, im pretty sure micki is in love.

basically, its been an amazing couple of weeks that I’ve been meaning to write about. God did such incredible things at amplified, set people free, released burdens, called people, loved on people. it was so powerful to be a part of it, loved it.

thats all

adios to china
February 18, 2008, 4:45 pm
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this is my friend Mandi Ash. i love her dearly, have gotten the oppurtunity to do mission work with her in Mexico, do Bible studies with her, drink coffee made by her, serve with her, go to school with her, and see God do some pretty nifty things in her heart. She has always had a heart for China, and she just left for 6 months to study at the University of Bejing and meet up with some missionaries after.
im SO excited for her. its amazing to be able to watch God birth dreams in hearts, and I love when I am able to see them come to pass. So, just keep this pretty ladyface in your prayers. Cant wait to hear her stories.

February 18, 2008, 2:20 pm
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this is of my heroes.
Leon Harold Bombet. grandfather extrodinare.
pretty much one of my favorite people on this planet. yeah, he is one of God’s chosen people and he even says, “In Jesus’ Name” at the end of his prayers, thus solidifying (in his mind) his spot in Heaven.
other ideals dont match perfectly and he has made his fair share of poor decisions, but that doesnt matter. because he is one incredible man who has saved many kids lives (hes a retired pediatrician) and everybody that knows him basically adores him.

what can i say, he is pretty cool.
if you don’t know this snazzy fellow, you are definitely missing out.

do you have any heroes in your life?

picha zangu
February 14, 2008, 4:47 pm
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here are a few photos i’ve taken recently. nothing on the level of Master Song, but its what i got.