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ongeza chakula
July 5, 2008, 8:02 am
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what do ya know?! more pictures from tanzania. the title of my post says (in english), TAKE MORE FOOD! which is what i hear a bajillion times a day from all my sisters when we eat. ahh its become a huge joke around the house now where we all say it to each other, sometimes i stuff food in Debora’s face and we all laugh. yay

ok. so pictures.

1st- :). you know. snot-nosed mtoto that makes my heart pitter-patter.

2nd- ahh. hands. thats me holding a little mtoto’s hands in bagamoyo one day. love that

3rd- for miss tori ohlerking! that is one of the MANY incredible trees we saw in Mikumi National Park. love it love it.

4th- thats my group. realized i havent posted any pictures of us. thats everybody minus craig (he was taking the picture. he is the guy that really doesnt even want to be here. dont ask). but from left to right its sara, chris, me, brandi, kayli, and ashley. that was the night all of our shoes got stolen..ugh. but we were all rocking our vitenge (traiditional clothes) before the dance performance.

5th- thats me and Rachel, my littler sister :) so adorable. ahh love her. she cracks me up all the time. she says when she grows up that she wants to be either Miss Tanzania or a White person. i guess we will just see.

thats all for now. less then 1 week :( ahhh


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I just love you so much. Call me when you get home – my cell still works here. Everything’s still semi confusing and overwhelming cause we’re still doing orientation type stuff. But I’ll have a more set schedule soon and we can talk. Love you babycakes.

Comment by Lisa

Wow… I can’t believe your coming back in a week!! :)

Comment by Kelly Pitts

[…] to look at many of her 2000 pictures. seriously […]

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