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July 14, 2008, 6:10 pm
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hi hi.
im home.
back in the good ole united states of america.
those that have been and come home know what I am saying when I say its a torn, mixed feeling coming home. If you havent im not sure if that makes any sense to you.
I am SO glad to be back. I missed my family, my dear friends, my church, and my girls from Refuge so much. I was so ready to see everybody, hug some necks, and go to church. you have no idea.
but, pieces of my heart were left there. a big piece in fact.
God took that seed of passion that was in my heart before and stretched it so wide and so deep. he put faces and lives to connect to that passion. I feel so drawn there. to the people, the culture, the language. i want to continue to learn more of it. so, needless to say its a hard divide. I know that I am here now for a reason, so Im not going to whine about it. Im going to push forward in what I must do here, continue to learn and serve. And wait. wait until I hear that still small voice calling me back to Africa in tones so sweet.
Being there made me even more grateful for here. for my family here, my friends here that share that same passion for the world, and for HPC. I would think of all these culturally relative serving outreaches I would want to do, but have no Church to connect it with so it would have been pointless. It made me so grateful for the heartbeat of our Church and everything I get a chance to do there.
just a few random thoughts upon returning.
oh. plus i have the best family and greatest friends on the planet. as i walk off the plane Mom, Steve, Sarah, and Tori are waiting with party hats and signs with random swahili phrases to greet me with huge hugs. then i get home and they have cleaned my room, candles burning, some flowers and a card. sarah bought me a map of africa made in the 1890s, and we ate sushi and counter culture. what more could a girl ask for?!
then i got to take a HOT shower and sleep in clean clean sheets. nothing like it.
so basically, im the luckiest girl around. high five to my incredible people.

okay. that was long. a few ending photographs…

this is me sitting on the floor of a small shop in Zanzibar getting Henna on my hand and ankle

the Colobus Monkey. They are only found on Zanzibar Island and nowhere else in the entire world. they are sooo adorable, plus they arent scared of people because nobody harms them and so they will let you get so close to them. One reached out and tried to touch my friend Sara’s face while we were looking at them.

not to rub it in or anything, but this is a Zanzibar sunset. this was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been in my life. this picture doesnt begin to grasp it

the whole group, including Mwalimu, in the Mangrove swamp in Zanzibar’s National Park. Those are the really cool trees with the roots that grow out of the ground. we got to climb all over them

this is me with my Tanzanian parents. i called them mama and baba, but their names are Amina and Ezekiel Ngao :). Ngao is their last name and it means “shield”. Baba is a Lutheran Pastor (Mchungaji//swahili word for pastor) in Dar Es Salaam. they were pretty great to me.

Ashley and I in front of the Tower Bridge in LONDON. we had a 15 hour layover, and my grandfather’s friend who is a taxi driver came and picked us up at the airport and we were able to go spend about 8 hours in the city. He brought us to see a lot of the big sites and then back to his flat in a suburb of London where he made us dinner and then brought us back to the airport. yeah, so random and fun


that is all for now. thanks for reading. its good to be home


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Cool! I’m so excited you are home! :) And yes I know exactly what you mean about leaving. I always want to stay a little while longer but at the same time I want to see my family again.

Comment by Kelly Pitts

I Love you so very much and I do understand. I know that when you have to go, I will send you back with a mix heart, but certainly with the joy knowing you are fufilling the call of God in your heart. I love you more and more!

Comment by Nancy Clary

What more could you ask for? I guess for Caleb to there when you got back. Kidding. Mangroves remind me of Banyan trees a little.

Comment by Caleb B.

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