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talk about make my day
September 13, 2008, 6:07 pm
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AHH. i woke up this morning to this email in my inbox. its from Mama Ngao, my Tanzanian mother….

Praise the Lord Leah?
how are you doing my beloved daughter?
How about your family especialy your
Parents?. I hope they are all fine.
Iam doing well in my teaching and my family are great.
We are now living at a place which i tild you,
it not far from University.our church has a plan of
starting build a new church,i hope you will be with
us on buildig the church as we talked
We are still missiing you and your charming.
God Bless you.

Mama Ngao

how wonderful?! i especially love, “Praise the Lord Leah?” haa yes indeed.

They have tried calling me multiple times, but the phone never works. oh my. make my day.


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I love her!!!

Comment by kristin stutes

Awh I LOVE YOU! and HER!!! Great to see your smiling face!

Comment by nataliespera

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